Creative Connections through Art

The lack of pottery news here can be attributed to my position as Director of The Arts Center in Corvallis.

Was hired in April 2014 and remained on steep learning curve first few years. As 2018 turns into spring, after weathering financial set-backs and many other lessons learned, can now envision a future sustaining and growing community arts through our programs.

There are innovative arts exhibitions, many public events, engaging arts classes & camps for people of all ages, as well as other ways to experience the arts at The Arts Center.

If you find yourself in Corvallis, stop by and say Hi.

Art Elements Gallery

Could it BeBeing a new artist in a gallery brings a new sense of responsibility for me. It feels like my duty to publicize the gallery and the other artists as much as my own work there because I want us all to succeed. The more people who know about the fine work there, the better chance our artwork will wind up going home with just the right person someday.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet several of the local artists who are part of the Art Element Gallery family and chat with some of their First Friday Art Walk regulars. Romona Youngquist is the flagship artist there, with many luscious oil paintings. Jay Noller is a Corvallis artist (and neighbor) and his paintings feature earth pigments that fit the Newberg area’s fascination with jory, red hills soil. When Pam Nicols had a show last year they created a short video of her talking about how she incorporates rusted paper…yes, rusted paper, into her encaustics.

Regular artist talks held at the gallery have created engaged customers and many fans. Thanks to Loni and Lauren for bringing me in to such a wonderful space.

My page on the Art  Element Website

Shape and Form at Art Elements Gallery

Shots of my show with Mike Baggetta at Art Elements Gallery, Newberg. Our work is a wonderful pairing of 2D & 3D with both of us employing energetic lines, layers of color and mysterious meanings. Thanks to Loni and Lauren for a super installation of our various pieces.



“Tango” on the left, Mike’s works that have multiple ways they can be hung


“Green Lookout” in the foreground


“Blue Dream Boat” in foreground with three strong monoprints by Mike Baggetta

"Time Will Tell" in foreground and a look into the rest of the Gallery

“Time Will Tell” in foreground and a look into the rest of the Gallery

"Great Expectation" and ""Sweet Dreams" go great with Mike's dreamy layered, plast and wax painting

“Great Expectations” and “Sweet Dreams” go great with Mike’s dreamy layered, plaster and wax painting

My Name in the News . . .

Always terrific when the press turns an interested eye toward arts and crafts. Our local Alt Newspaper, The Corvallis Advocate has been running a number of artist profiles and so got my turn in the limelight thanks to reporter Mandy Clark. It was a fun show and tell since she was so enthusiastic.

Mandy is someone to watch. Not only has she run a successful Etsy shop while finishing school and working full time, she also is on the editorial board of a NW press, blogs faithfully about pizza (YUM!) and luckily for us is sharing her talents with The CVO Advocate. Here’s a link to the feature she wrote about lil ole me:

LBCC Invitational Show

I’m in good company at the North Santiam Gallery on the Main LBCC Campus. William Park, S Tellez and Kristen Kuhns amazed me with their work and I look forward to hearing their comments at the Artist Talk and Reception, noon-1 pm, Thursday, January 30, 2014.

Thanks to Rich Bergeman for a beautiful installation with large pieces, small pieces, bold color and brown woodfired pots. (That little pedestal to the left is my “Impossible Dream” next to William’s biggee.)