Art Elements Gallery

Could it BeBeing a new artist in a gallery brings a new sense of responsibility for me. It feels like my duty to publicize the gallery and the other artists as much as my own work there because I want us all to succeed. The more people who know about the fine work there, the better chance our artwork will wind up going home with just the right person someday.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet several of the local artists who are part of the Art Element Gallery family and chat with some of their First Friday Art Walk regulars. Romona Youngquist is the flagship artist there, with many luscious oil paintings. Jay Noller is a Corvallis artist (and neighbor) and his paintings feature earth pigments that fit the Newberg area’s fascination with jory, red hills soil. When Pam Nicols had a show last year they created a short video of her talking about how she incorporates¬†rusted paper…yes, rusted paper, into her encaustics.

Regular artist talks held at the gallery have created engaged customers and many fans. Thanks to Loni and Lauren for bringing me in to such a wonderful space.

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