Sculpture for Showcase

Stoneware, wood-fired sculpture

Woodfired TWIST

This TWIST just came outta Jay Widmer’sDigger Mtn Anagama Kiln. It got its nice markings from wood ash that flew through the kiln over 48 hrs of stoking. When still green I applied multiple washes of grolleg kaolin and then after the bisque I sanded down the edges to sharpen them up. Could be an outdoor sculpture.

20″ tall – $700

Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife

This stoneware sculpture was defiantly done many moons ago and I’m still waiting for the right person to come along who needs to have it. It was created after receiving a string of show rejections and the scratches of porcelain inlay and 23k gold leaf addition say it all. Felt really good to make and it still holds up when I look at her. Think she’s about 24″ tall – $ 999. I dare you to buy her.
Available for purchase.