“Little Bird”

This woodfired vase came out of the kiln so bloated and odd looking it seemed like a disaster. The bubbles are from gases trying to escape the molten clay when it started to harden in the firing. So ugly she is beautiful. It sits looking like a chubby canary. 8″ x 7″ = $195

Stripes Anyone?

Wood-fired Striped Vase

Wood-fired Striped Vase

This piece was another experiment for a class demo of slip decoration. What I thought was slip was actually my white liner glaze that is opacified with tin. In the wood kiln the glaze did a good job of carbon trapping–unexpected. Didn’t think much of it when it first came outta the kiln, but the grunge look of this piece has grown on me.

Short Salt-fired Stoneware Vase

Small Salt Fired Vase

This stoneware vase was a class demo on slip accents for work being prepared for salt firing. It was dipped in slip in “greenware” stage, and then while the slip was still wet, slip was swiped away in some spots. After bisque firing those swipes were accented with iron slip, and then piece was high-salt fired, adding subtle evidence of the salt to the decorative marks. 9″ x 8″

Leaf-like Boat Bowls

Large Leaf Boat Bowls

Stoneware serving dishes highfired for durability. Also suitable for Flower Arranging or with a little raw rice, a candleholder.

16″ x 10″ for largest bowl, inside nesting bowl w/out curl – $165/pair