Burnt Orange and Sage Green Vases

These vessels are a new twist on some of my tried and true forms.┬áThe bright orange glaze comes from a helmer shino that really makes the sage green glaze stand out. While I get more control than if I’d woodfired these, the shino is still very picky about the amount of reduction it gets when I’m firing these, so still more to learn with it.

Burnt Orange and Sage Green Figurative Vase

Burnt Orange and Sage Green Figurative Vase

Burnt Orange and Sage Green Vases

Burnt Orange and Sage Green Vases

Sans Frond Boat Bowls

Variation of leaf bowls

Variation of Leaf Boat Bowls

When the customers asked for these bowls without the “frond” I was a little miffed as that is what makes the leaf bowls unique, but after making these two, I found they could have just as much personality with their off-centered shape and wavy sides. Handles aren’t for everyone and this handsome set will probably survive dishwashers (both human and machine) as well as fit into the cupboard much better without. $140 for this set.

Leaf-like Boat Bowls

Large Leaf Boat Bowls

Stoneware serving dishes highfired for durability. Also suitable for Flower Arranging or with a little raw rice, a candleholder.

16″ x 10″ for largest bowl, inside nesting bowl w/out curl – $165/pair