a Tisket, a Tasket…

Two Baskets

Two Ceramic Baskets

I’m sometimes asked what I use these basket forms for… Being the compulsive collector I am, around our place they hold small rocks, fortune cookie wishes, rubber bands, pencils and more. I even use one for gum wrappers and flotsam in my van. Wide base keeps it stabile. Add a 4″ pansy and voila, you have a hostess gift. Larger basket $45, smaller $35.


2 thoughts on “a Tisket, a Tasket…

  1. Love all of your work,shapes and glazes. Particulary interested in the totem poll. Making one myself.what started out to be 4 foot has grown to 5 foot 3 inchs.. Seen yours in the Sunset Small Yards Big Ideas.LOVE IT.
    Dana Davis in Va.

    • Yes, that can happen. The images in Sunset have helped get me a lot of additional visibility.
      Good luck on the piece. I tend to not call mine totems because I’m not attaching any historical/spiritual significance to mine — they’re just for fun — but think of them as “stacks” like what people do with rocks on trails and beaches. Send me a finished photos if you think about it…would love to see how yours ends up.

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